Specifically designed for effective precast box culvert cage fabrication, double direction mesh benders create U-shaped cages without requiring steel mat removal from the bending table. Additionally, the welded wire reinforcing may be fed from either side of the bender with no obstructions in the bending deck, and can be bent on a skew as well as straight, offering easy operations and flexible bending options.

Operational features and benefits

  • Consistent, accurate bending with virtually no slippage regardless of mesh size
  • Manual hydraulic controls standard, optional electronic controls
  • Loading options from either side
  • Unobstructed bending deck
  • Performs accurate bends regardless of spacing
  • Manually controlled hydraulic locking cylinder
  • Optional hands-free operation with remote, electrical foot pedal controls
  • Easy cage removal

Technical features

  • Bending capabilities of W21 on 2” centers (D32 on 4” centers) to a resting 90-degrees
  • 2” bending radii generally conforms to precast box culverts standard, ASTM C- 1433
  • Units available in 8’, 10’, and 12’ lengths
  • Available with internal clear space of 102″ (8′), 126″ (10′), and 150″ (12′)
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