Block Trailer

  • Adds capacity when towed behind a flat bed truck

A-Frame Trailer

  • Designed to transport wall panels, sound barrier walls, and other flat products
  • 2-axle design offers 6” ground clearance for largest possible panel

Lowboy 3-Axle Trailer

  • Can carry the load, then backhaul a 6-axle trailer

Yard Trailer

  • Double-ended 6-axle yard trailer can be steered from either end

Steerable Flatbed Trailer

  • One-of-a-kind 4-axle steerable flatbed trailer designed to transport 150,000 granite roll

6-Axle With Customer Bolsters

  • Specially engineered with bolsters designed to carry an arch box beam

9-Axle With Equalizer Booster Frame

  • Equalizer booster frame connected to 3-axle loaded with tub girder
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